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For a few months now I've posted an original song online every Tuesday. They will be in various stages of completion and might differ wildly in terms of quality and depth of production. Due to the strict deadline there are several songs that I'm not at all satisfied, but also a few that I quite like.

Pick a song or more and let me know what you think! Each song is accompanied by a video, but there's a Soundcloud link as well if you'd rather not get distracted by my red hair. Remember to leave a link if you want me to leave some feedback on your track. From week #16 onwards I'm posting Danish songs that I won't list here.

- Snake In Mouth - Week #15 (In Production 3/3) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/snake-in-mouth-week-15-in-production-22

- Questionnaire - Week #14 (In Production 2/3) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/questionnaire-week-14

- Rush - Week #13 (In Production 1/3) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/rush-week-13-in-production-13

- Later - Week #12 (Young And Naïve 2/2) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/later-week-12-young-and-naive-22

- I'll Do Anything - Week #11 (Young And Naïve 1/2) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/ill-do-anything-week-11-young-and-naive-12

- On Rails - Week #10 (Berlin 2/2) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/on-rails-week-10-berlin-22

- LOD - Week #9 (Berlin 1/2) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/lod-week-9

- These Are The Rules - Week #8 (December 3/3) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/these-are-the-rules-week-8-december-33

- Sleep Drunk - Week #7 (December 2/3) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/sleep-drunk-week-7-december-23

- Extremeties - Week #6 (December 1/3) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/extremeties-week-6-december-13

- Sorry For The Inconvenience - Week #5 (Talking To A Rubber Duck 4/4) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/sorry-for-the-inconvenience-week-5-talking-to-a-rubber-duck-44

- Phobias And Treadmills - Week #4 (Talking To A Rubber Duck 3/4) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/phobias-and-treadmills-week-4-talking-to-a-rubber-duck-34

- Do Not Disturb - Week #3 (Talking To A Rubber Duck 2/4) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/do-not-disturb-week-3-talking-to-a-rubber-duck-24

- Danger! Keep out! - Week #2 (Talking To A Rubber Duck 1/4) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/danger-keep-out-week-2-talking-to-a-rubber-duck-14

- Doors That Close - Week #1 (Talking To A Rubber Duck 0/4) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/doors-that-close-week-1-talking-to-a-rubber-duck-04

- Stop Talking - Week #0 (The Inauguration) -

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/morch_am/stop-talking-week-0-the-inauguration

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"Doors": I didn't know you could play keyboards/piano that well. Your singing is getting better too. You're even getting better looking (I'm not gay)! It all sounds good. My only constructive criticism is that you popped the mic once. I turn my head a bit from the mic when I sing words with "p" or "b". Or I guess some people use a pop filter. I can't sing & play something halfway complicated at the same time. Please review my music at this link:

Hello, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my music.

Just now listening to Stop Talking - I like this one the most, it has a calm feeling to it with some beautifully sung vocals. The piano reminds me of the steady succession of ocean waves on the shoreline. The reverb is nice and warm and natural sounding.

'Danger! Keep out' is a cool one too. I especially liked that finishing chord at the end.

Keep up the creative spirit
For the first two tracks (well, last two, chronologically), all I could tell was that you play the piano pretty well! They weren't too captivating to me, but once I got to Stop Talking, wow. I can honestly just saw "wow", coz the whole feel of the song and depth of the musicality was so warm and inviting. Made me listen, made me think... It was such a beautiful piece to me. Given it was the week #0, you chose a very good opener, my friend. It sounded just great, like a live show at a restaurant of some sorts... I really enjoyed it and hope you get to make music that striking again. Congrats and good luck!
I listened to stop talking. Its a simple mix with just two instruments, so I couldn't find anything to criticize. The two parts that you have so far work great together. I wouldn't mind hearing a few more elements added in as the song progresses.
My friend. This is outstanding. Are you planning to arrange that music for a whole band? I smell very strong progressive sound in style of Steven Wilson or Porcupine Tree. I like the way you perform these compositions - it's very theatrical and although I am not paying much attention to the lyrics right now I still feel the emotion of that story. Great job! I'm looking forward for more!
Danger! Keep Out! - It's catchy and well-written. I really liked the flow of this one overall and I'd very much like to hear it expanded on a bit, perhaps as a full length song.

Doors That Close - I love the intro on this one! The sort of brooding, mysterious atmosphere of the verse and the chords you play immediately after it around :55ish are both fantastic. I love the sort of subtle, underlying tension throughout the whole track. Definitely my favorite of the three.

Stop Talking - I agree with sierzputowskipiotr, there's a very strong Steven Wilson vibe here (and it's awesome). Whether it was intentional or not, the sort of quiet, minimalistic use of the piano in this one paired with the emotional vocals creates a very powerful and immersive atmosphere.

Overall this is some fantastic music and you definitely seem to have a knack for creating memorable tunes and atmospheres with a somewhat theatrical flair. Awesome job dude, keep it up!
I chose "Danger! Keep Out!"

I really liked this one. The vocals sound great and the piano sounds beautiful. The melodies are really catchy; I played the song several times since its so short.

Thanks for the criticism.
Snake In Mouth: Great song. I really like the piano comping and the minimalist percussions, it fits the vibe of the song really well. Vocals are good, I get some kind of Muse/Radiohead influence from them. I would however add a lot more reverb/delay to it, I feel like the song is super ambient and that would make it blend nicely. Cool synth line near the end!

Questionnaire: i dig this one more than Snake In Mouth. The constant piano/synth gives it an awesome Bon Iver feel. I like how the instrumental fades in and out before the vocals start, it makes it really interesting. Again, for the vocals, I'd recommend maybe turning them down a little (you've got such a cool instrumental, why drown it with the vocals?) and a little more reverb/delay to make it sound more ambient!

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I randomly gave I'll Do Anything a listen:
Nicely played piano on this ballad. I got accustomed to your voice and it fits well. Songwise it's a ballad in the traditional sense and not out of keeping with modern or past makers of these kinds of songs. The only thing was some bassy imperfections in the vocal recording, most notably at 1:03. Overall, it's a good effort and you have a talent.

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"Snake in the Mouth": piano sounds very good (my favorite part). Drums/percussion are OK. Vocals are pretty good overall. Adding more reverb on the vocals the first time was quite effective. The synths that came in later were a good surprise. Not sure if that one sound was electric guitar or synth. Please review my music at this link: