Hey all! For starters I am a huge blues player and old school thrash player and this amp does the trick for that, but I have a question (obviously). I know the amp is only 40w, probably not loud enough for a club, but when jamming with my drummer, it can be really loud.

ANYWAYS, I don't know, I'm still new to this kind of thing, may need to mic it with a PA. But I went out today and put a Hughes & Kuttner Vintage30 loaded 4x12'' Angled Guitar Cabinet on layaway today, I didn't want to buy it off right away because, I just wanted to see if it seemed silly to buy a big cabinet for a 40W amp. Mind you, they have 2x12 Hughes and Kuttner amp, tailored to the size of my amp, but the cab was on sale, being cheaper than the 2x12, so to me it made sense to get the bigger one (with wheels which makes everything easier to transport haha). So yeah, is it silly to buy a big cab for a 40w amp head? And will it be loud enough on its own or would I have to mic it with a PA?

(I'm playing it through a 4x12 right now with the really crappy MG series Marshall cabinet (That Marshall MG was the worst thing I have ever purchased).

Gotta learn somewhere, thanks in advance.
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That would be a great match for that head.
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40W is definitely not a small amp.

anywhere that you play that a 40W half stack isn't capable of causing structural damage to is going to be running you through some house speakers.

you'll probably notice two things with the new rig if you've been playing through an MG:

that 40W of H&K goodness is going to be twice as loud through the same speakers as a 100W MG

and that any amp through a real V30 loaded cab is going to sound twice as full as through the turd of an MG cab.