I found this guitar and it looks really good. It Is old but quite solid the inlays fret board and all looked sturdy and of quality. However im not much accustomed to b.c. rich guitars so not sure if this is and original or replica. Have read online and it says the "R" logo instead of the usually seen b.c. rich logo was there on their guitars at a time. Im getting a good bargain for this mocking bird if someone could help me identify it or atleast confirm if its original or fake as i wasn't able to confirm its serial either. the only thing written on it is the R logo on the headstock and the serial "0124698" written on its back. Pictures posting
Not a lot of BC Rich experts here. Might be better off on BC Rich's forum or something.

That being said if youre asking if thats an original USA BCR I would probably say no. Looks closer to a BCR Japan Edition model (JE) like the mockingbird 360JE. Still not 100 percent on it though.
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it's Korean and appears to be real. made in 2001
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I think ill get it because honestly. Im getting it for like 50 bucks ??
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this does look like mockingbird 360je . Thanks for the input guys... i currently have an Aria pro 2 made in Japan manga edition or something. Im guessing this would be wayyy better than my aria. P.s. Really hard to find original guitars here :/