I am about to fit a single conductor humbucker pickup into my guitar. It has a single black wire surrounded by the earthing braid. However, the guitar it is going into has a 4 conductor pickup, wired to a coil-splitting, push/pull volume pot.

Can I wire the new pickup easily, or will I have to buy a new volume pot (non-splitting)? If I wire it in to the existing setup, will anything be damaged by leaving the push/pull knob? I don't know what will happen if I pull the knob out (ooer!) - will the signal be cut or will it have no effect.

Your expertise would be most appreciated as I am not too good with electronics!

Many thanks
The switching portion of the push-pull knob can be left alone without issue. You can just ignore it and wire the pickup using the standard three lugs. Pulling up on the knob will do nothing at all, although if you wanted to you could wire it to kill the signal.
Thanks, that is perfect. It has saved me some worry and some research! There are loads of tutorials on the internet about converting single conductors to 4-way or adding coil-splitting, but nothing about removing a coil-split from the equation!

Once again, thank you for your help.