I have a PRS SE 24 and i was wondering if a BKP Nailbomb would fit in it? I havent ever messed with the pick ups in my guitar so when it asked me if i needed braided or 4 conductor for wiring i was lost. Also I don't know what it means by long or short leg. Im guessing it is how it fits in the guitar?? If anyone could answer these questions that would be great!
johntomg93 Braided - or single conductor - has one wire with a braided earth sheath surrounding it. This is the most basic wiring setup for a humbucker. 4-way has 4 wires, allowing more versatility such as coil-splitting etc. If your PRS has a push/pull volume knob, go for 4-way.

Long or short leg refers to the little tabs that stick out from the base-plate of the pickup - the bits where the height adjustment screws and springs are threaded through. Long legs are for deeper cut pickup recesses, short legs for thinner bodied guitars.

Contact Bareknuckle via their e-mail as their customer service is second to none and they will research your guitar and advise you as to which options to choose. They did this for me as I had chosen the 'long leg' version of the Mule - they contacted me to suggest the short-leg version as they had checked out my guitar spec and knew what would be best!
johntomg93You are welcome! I don't know much, but I was in the same situation as yourself. I ordered what I thought was correct from BKP and they then contacted me back with a few suggestions, jiggling with my order to get it right. They also did all this on a Saturday and Sunday when most of us were out enjoying the sunshine! Their service is brilliant and the package I got from them was above and beyond what I expected!

Good luck and enjoy your BKP when it arrives!