Hey Guys

I just bought a Boss RC1 looper pedal from a pawn shop. This is the first guitar pedal i've ever owned, and I'm looking forward to messing about with it.

I looked up a bunch of tutorials so I know how it functions. However, I seem to be having some sort of sound problem when using it.

It records my loops perfectly fine. however, when I put it into playback mode and attempt to improvise over my loop, the loop's sound seems to thin out drastically. All the videos show the pedal playing the sound back perfectly, so I'm a little concerned there's a fault with the pedal?

I'm running my guitar into Input A on the RC1, and then feeding the pedal to my Line 6 amplifi via outout A. I'm not using an AC supply through the pedal, and using the 9V battery the pedal came with.

If anyone has any advice, thanks in advance. Should you require any other information, I will provide this.
Did you get a manual with it?If not download one.Ive never used one but boss pedals are solid so I doubt it's broken.Im sorry I don't have a definitive answer for but like I said I've never used one.
Try changing out the battery and maybe mess with the level knob.

That's all I could think about
hey guys.

i just went out and bought a battery, and it seems slightly better. I have a feeling that the problem lies with the same volumes and levels clashing with each other or something? The level knob at lower volumes seems to completely cut the amp's tones out too...
I will try again tomorrow, when im more awake haha