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So, I noticed on my guitar (Japanese Copy of an Ibanez JEM) recently that whenever I played an A on the 2nd string (10th fret on the B string) and 'palm muting' it there was a very annoying feedback right after I palm muted it. My guitar's plugged directly in my Zoom G2.1Nu, which is directly plugged into my PC's Line In. I tried reducing the gain, still hearing the feedback (Even at 5% gain). I tried with another preset with a different amp sim; it's still there, not as loud as the other preset, but it's still there. I tried with my guitar directly into an amp, and yet it still does it. I tried with an old Washburn and this time it didn't.

Is my guitar f*cked or is there is something to do about it? Can a Luthier/Guitar expert fix this?
Resonance of something in the structure of the guitar? Pick-up mounts, springs on the whammy bar (if fitted) or something like that. Play without it plugged in to see if you can hear where its coming from, or put a capo on that note and play it while touching other bits of guitar.
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play it while touching other bits of guitar.

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Try wrapping a cloth or some other damping around the nut of your guitar (right where the neck of the guitar meets the head). Ive had guitars that make ringing noises when u finish muting and this helped it
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