I've spent the past week scouring the web for deals and find myself a bit stuck.

I'm looking for a guitar to use solely drop tuning - usually CGCFAD , playing both metalcore and slower modern alternative metal so the tone distorted and clean is important. I don't need a trem or care too much about shredding.
I'm from the UK and the budget is around 400£ but going up to £550 if i see anything really worth it (~700$ the exchange rate is really bad right now), i didn't want to gamble on used off of ebay so was looking at just new.

So far what interests me:

Schecter damien elite - 450£ , bolt-on 25.5 active EMG's (hellraisers are £750+ here)

ESP LTD H-351 (think this is an old model) - 400£, neck through 25.5 active EMG's

There is also a deal here on:
PRS SE custom ace sig for £400. From what i can tell this is just the newer tremonti se minus a few cosmetics. I have heard good things about that model so it seemed like a good deal not to pass on.

Ive also seen an older model charvel pro mod san dimas well within budget 25.5 Duncan PU's (the one with no tone pot), but i'm not sure its suited to modern styles and it has the floyd rose.

Would love to see any input on this and maybe any brands i might have missed. Ibanez seemed to have a gap in their range between £400-£550. I have also considered getting a ESP EC 256 for ~300 and spending the extra cash on a PU upgrade.
Jackson X-Series, perhaps even a Pro-Series, not sure how the prices are over there, but if it's an option then it a Pro should be high on the list.
If you are willing to go used then have a look at basically any Ibanez Prestige. They regularly go for around your budget, I got one that was practically brand new for £500 a few years ago. You will struggle to find a higher quality guitar for that price.
i haven't tried the new MIM versions, but if they're like the older MIJs, the charvels should be fairly modern style guitars. Granted, probably a bit more 80s than really, really modern but it's really up to you. There should be hardtail models as options too.
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I was gonna say Jackson as well. Always really liked them.

i have an older PRS SE EG and i really like it.
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