this is the model: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/ibanez-rgr421exfm-electric-guitar

Right now i've just got the stock pickups (V7 and V8 humbuckers). My amp is a Traynor YCS50. budget anywhere between $200-230 for both pickups together.

now, i've already got some ideas as to what i want, but i'm still undecided between the combinations.

Liquifire neck/D-activator bridge
Sentient neck/Pegasus bridge
Jazz neck/JB bridge

The only thing i fear about the jazz/jb set is that it won't really be "aggressive" enough for the type of music that i want to play; i mean, i play "progressive" metal and i know that encompasses a lot of shit, but basically it ranges from the "softer," cleaner prog stuff like Plini to the harder stuff like Animals as Leaders, Exivious, Meshuggah, etc. I don't think I ever venture fully into death metal/black metal territory. Getting as intense as Meshuggah does in terms of tone is probably not a necessity for me either.

Plini example (lead and rhythm):

Exivious example (at 3:46, lead particularly):

as far as i remember, animals as leaders' tone has never really stood out to me. Plini and Exivious' do, though, esp that soaring lead shit. I play a lot of extended chords in my metal shit so it's important to me that all of those tones are relatively clear. Right now I'm kind of leaning towards the sentient/pegasus set but i wanna know what you guys think.
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