I want to record some tracks on an old classical guitar using my condenser mic > interface > DAW.

I'd like to add a touch of reverb from a guitar pedal (HoF) but cannot stick this between the mic and the interface (XLR to XLR cable). I'm wondering if I could use one input of my Mackie Onyx Blackjack for the guitar, then take a guitar cable and put it in the monitor out of the interface (http://mackie.com/sites/default/files/PRODUCT%20RESOURCES/MANUALS/Owners_Manuals/Onyx_Blackjack_OM.pdf) and send it into my pedal and then run this into input 2 of the Blackjack...

Would this (safely) work?
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There is nothing unsafe about it so give it a try. I suspect you will set up an earth loop. This can be fixed by disconnecting the earth on one of the guitar cables.
You need to set the DAW (or interface) so that the reverb input is not monitored otherwise the signal will got round and round.

You could output an initial recording to the pedal and record a new track with reverb on it.

I have no idea why you would want to do this given that the DAW almost certainly contains a better reverb capability than any foot pedal.
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Would a VST react to my playing in the same responsive way as a pedal?
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It will respond in whatever way you set it too.

If you have a decent set up with not too much digital delay you can use it live, but I thought you were recording. So you can get the VST to do almost anything and adjust it the track plays.
Without looking and understanding the output specs of the MOB's monitor out and what the HOF can take, I would say it is NOT safe. Monitor outs are often not the same signal level that a pedal would be expecting to take.

But, looking at and trying to understand those output specs, the MOB's monitor out outputs Line Level at +10 dBu, which is above professional Line Level at +4 dBu (?). TC claims the HOF can take Line Level, though, but to what extent and at the MOB's output, I am not sure.

Really if it is just a touch of reverb, and not really a part of the sound that makes the track, I would just use the DAW's/VST reverbs to get something similar or possibly better.
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I said touch because i'm bad at expressing myself - I'm definitely using the church mode but from what you're saying i'm better off not trying my idea.

I think you and PSimonR are right that I should look into VST's. My thinking was that it might not be as responsive to my playing as a pedal if i slapped it on after recording a track but then he reminded me that I could just have it engaged while I record...

Cheers guys
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