I was given a gutted Peavey Grind 4 string body & neck. Thru EBay I acquired a nut, tuners, an input jack and mounting plate, individual bridge pieces for each string, 2 500k pots, 2 pups from a 73 jazz, a DPDT 2 position on-on switch, and a DPDT 3 position on-off-on switch. My plan? Basic 1 volume, 1 tone, 2 pup bass w/series/parallel switch.

I altered the 3 position switch internally to use as a 3 way pickup selector. The 2 toggle switches match cosmetically...big old heavy duty 250 amp big bat toggle switches.

Then when I started looking for a wiring diagram...slim pickings. Closest thing I found was a diagram for a Tele with a Push/Pull switch. I got around the 3 conductor pickup problem by adding a steel plate under the pups and running a wire from those. To ground the 4 individual bridges, I have temporarily soldered copper wire across all 4 string ferrules, then run into the control cavity while I research for a better solution..

My CURRENT problem? The diagram uses a Tele-appropriate blade switch as the pickup selector. I don't know how to convert from the blade switch (which has 8 connectors) to my modded 3 position toggle switch (which only has 3 connectors that work. Well, 4 connectors, but 2 are soldered together.

The body has 4 holes. I don't wanna cut in a slit for a blade switch, Can it be done with what components I have? Do I need different components? Here's the big Q-will someone post a wiring diagram using my components?

Or should I just leave it as it is...wired up & working, except the series/parallel switch is disconnected, and merely fills the empty hole?
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Got a pic of the 3-way you're talking about? What did it originally do and how did you modify it? The wiring thread linked in my sig has a comparison diagram of a few types of 3-way/5-way switches as well.