Just tuned my friends' 2005 Ibanez RG series 120 and the bridge stood up at like a 45 degree angle! Also immediately noticed the other strings were out of tune and when I would try to tune them back they wouldn't stay in tune. Then I tried to lower the tension and hold down the bridge as I tune it really quick but it would still bend up a little bit and I can't get it to stay in tune that way either. I don't know what to do about it.

I've yet to see a photo yet, but it sounds like you're working with a fulcrum bridge and the springs have come adrift in the cavity in the back of the guitar.
Another possibility is that you put some hellaciously thicker strings on the thing than what WAS on it, and yet another possibility is that you've tuned it an octave above where it was tuned before.

Why are you tuning your friend's guitar? What did HE have it tuned to?

Your friend is going to cut you .
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Take the time and watch Uncle Ben explaining to you how a Floyd Rose guitar works.

After that you'll be able to set it up right.
There are screws at the back of the guitar which hold a claw which the springs are attached to, tighten the screws into the body until the trem is balanced and in line with the body
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