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I didn't have time to listen to the whole thing, but I listened to Lunarity and Into the Celestial Nothingness. This is some seriously amazing stuff you have here, I don't even know that I have any criticism or suggestions for improvement. The production is perfect for this style and the songwriting is on point. Major, major props too for managing to capture that heavily reverbed, "recorded in a dark cave in hell" sound with the vocals without actually drowning out or muddying the vocals themselves. It's extremely rare to find someone who nails that like you have.

Based on the two tracks I listened to I'll definitely be finding time in the next couple days to sit down and listen to whole thing. Very well done.

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I was only able to listen to Lunarity in my free time (break between classes)
Hm, the vocals are little too reverbed, a little too much for my liking. It kinda overwhelms the guitars, which already sound very thin. Drums kinda eat up the sound as well, but hey, black metal. I was never really able to get into black metal (literally missed my chance), but the rifs are very promising. The guitarwork makes me know there's more to the band than the production. But I enjoyed the song, just the production quality really does make it hard to digest.