Hello again, UG CommunityI

I just uploaded a playthrough video for one of my originals!
There's a link in the description to the whole EP on SoundCloud.

I would love to hear all of your opinions, particularly around the production quality (I did it all on my own, and I would highly appreciate some pointers!)

Thanks again, hope you enjoy it and I await constructive criticism (my body is ready )

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Hi LourDeo_15! The production and the sound quality are kick-ass and very proffessional. However, I noticed some minor timing issues (i.e. about 0:30, 1:15 and some more in the further parts). If I were you I would also work a little bit more about the accuracy of your vibrato (the speed adn the depth of it).... However#2 - I enjoyed the song, especially the mind-blowing solo part. Good luck!
wow thanks a lot for the recent reply! I'll see to it that I get to exactly what you mean. and I'm glad you enjoyed it! if you have any content of your own to show, I would be honored to have a go at it!
First off, that solo was just amazing, you have a lot of technique and I absolutely loved it. I can definitely hear Trivium and As I Lay Dying influences in this (they are two of my favorite bands).

The production is pretty good, but I think the (A?) string sounds out of tune at some points (for example, when you hit the 12th fret at 00:10). Also, like sierzputowskipiotr said, there are some points where the timing is a bit off. Just keep working on that and you'll notice how much your songs will improve. Nice job overall, I'm going to check out the rest of the EP right now!

C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1706218

You were very, very right with the Trivium influences!

VíctorG sierzputowskipiotr

I left my c4c's back out there! ;D
Most of the track you were totally spot-on with timing. You got mad chops on that guitar. Production is fairly crisp and conveys the piece rather well. It's not really my style, but I can't put my finger on anything negative really. The solo is awesome, but doesn't shine through the mix as much as I would've hoped for, but not a huge deal. Nice job!

Everything is great, awesome technique, and good production quality.

Out of curiosity, did you double track the guitars all the way through?
And that guitar solo was freaking awesome, would you be interested in playing a guest solo over a new album I'm working on?

Please leave feedback on my latest track as well. Keep it up you rock.
Thanks when it comes to the tone, it's a super long story xD heading over to your link now

Imma check your track on rn and I did double track! I prefer it as it's a much more natural feel to it, but I'd like to experiment quad tracking soon. and thanks so much for the feedback pm me whenever you can!
Hot damn dude, your playing is amazing. From a songwriting standpoint I don't really have anything, this is extremely well-written. Production-wise it sounds really clean and professional, but I think it could use some more bass presence. The guitars sound good (could maybe benefit from more mids though), but they don't really mesh with the drums in the mix. Boosting the bass track a bit would really glue everything together and give the production that extra "oomph" factor. Overall this is some damn good stuff dude, keep it up!
LourDeo_15 I love the track. KSE and Trivium are clear influences. The solo is my favorite part. I really enjoyed the back forth and action with the 2 guitars near the end. I think the kick and bass could be a bit louder, but other than that top notch
Sorry I did not see you checked out and posted in one of my threads, I kind of lose track sometimes after a week or two If I do not see a reply in one of my older threads. Anyways on to your track timing issues aside, which I do not mind hearing from time to time it reminds me that the music I hear is a human playing. Very nice riffs I really enjoy the little lead fills in between the main pedal tone riff going on. The sound quality sounds good everything comes through clear. Solo was friggin awesome but yea work on that vibrato, all your other technique is right on, very nice alternate picking I envy that a bit, I am more of a legato man. Keep up the great work and enjoy your music.
Definitly some kickass riffing here, my friend
Haha, nice harmony run at 0:42. Reminds me of some Jason Becker/Cacophony songs.
Cool chords around 0:52
The timings sounds a bit off at 1:30.
The solo is quite impressive, especially the harmony part. You should work on your vibrato a bit, slow it down and make it wide.

Overall a really good track man. Good production as well.
Keep it up! Looking forward to hear more from you

Wanna crit mine?