Latest novel released: The Lion in the Desert--a supernatural thriller

Hey Fellow UGers:

Writing music has been an ardent passion of mine for nearly two decades but perhaps the only creative outlet I love more is writing literature. I'm not sure if anyone's interested in speculative fiction but if you are I just released a new novel called The Lion in the Desert. If you're interested in checking it out or learning more about it please hit up one of the pages linked below. If any of you would be willing to check out my Facebook page and liking it that would greatly help me with my marketing and of course would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


The Lion in the Desert, a supernatural thriller by author Matthew John Benecke, takes readers on a terrifying journey rife with otherworldly encounters and visions of a hellish future. Set amid a backdrop of political subterfuge and the potential for a Third World War, it is at once haunting and captivating in its realism.

From the book:

"There is a thin line between reality and the world of nightmares; for Tim Channing, that line is beginning to blur. Tormented by a recurring apocalyptic dream, Tim struggles to retain a grip on his life as insomnia slowly overtakes him. When a supernatural encounter occurs on his way into work one morning, he finds himself questioning not only his sanity but the very nature of what is real.

In a desert bunker hidden halfway around the globe, Dr. Calvin Brody holds the end of the world in his hands. An American expatriate hell-bent on revenge, Dr. Brody finds himself on the verge of fulfilling his dream of destroying the country he once called home. What began merely as a quest for vengeance though might forever alter the face and future of the planet.

Amid the ever-present threat of terror attacks on his native New York and growing tensions among global superpowers, Tim must decide whether his nightmare is merely a dream or an omen of Armageddon."