Hi! As you may see by reading my name (below my user name) I am not an English native speaker. Therefore, I would like to ask for your opinion about my English lyrics (I don't usually write in English). Can you understand it?

"The Shape Of Infinity"


The ocean of fire
as big as the universe
on its way to expand
There's no other path to follow
only to burn
and multiply

One common goal
driven by the will to survive
Union arises.
With the victory
begins the way down
palled by oblivion and happiness
with extinction on the end

But the joy shall not be blamed
Fault lies within the void
And vague echo reflections
Of our mistakes...

From what I'm reading, this is either metal or some other sort of really intense rock song. The underlying theme is clear and idea is clear to a native English speaker. Actually, your word choice is probably better than that of many who were born speaking English.