So I've been lookin around for new songs to learn and I asked a guitar buddy of mine at work and a couple guys he mentioned were Steve vai and yngwei malmsteen. Like I told him I've never heard of the guys. And since he seemed surprised I looked them up and apparently they're pretty famous.
Well anyway, they're both amazing guitarists, but I gotta say. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Malmsteen has some very 80s sounding metal songs, but I've still never heard of him. And I haven't liked the couple of songs I've heard from him. And vai just seems very strange to me. He's a great guitarist, but in the couple songs I've heard the main thing that goes through my head is "what is he doing?"
Either way, these guys are both quirky, which is right up my alley. And they're both famous which seems to me they have some good music. But other than being good with a guitar I haven't heard any yet. I'm not raggin on the guys, I wanna like em honestly. So I figured I'd ask what songs are good from these guys. And also what their appeal really is to people I guess
Color me intrigued I guess
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I think the appeal is that they're really good guitarists...

Guitar virtuosos have never been my cup of tea. I like great bands & guitarists that function within their groups. I think Malmsteen is known for being an egomaniac as much as he's known for his shred. As for Vai... ehhhh.... you like him or you dont. He seems very flamboyant to me & I couldn't care less for him.
Just listen to Watchtower or Blotted Science instead.
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