Between 90 and 95 my dad bought a used Gibson EB-1. Someone has completely ruined it, and we're trying to figure out what year it's from. It only has six letters in the serial number, which is 916287. Someone had spray painted the the headstock, so we aren't 100% sure. Speaking of the headstock, it is the same as what is on classical guitars. It is a glued in neck, so we don't think someone replaced the neck. The pickups, neck, and nut have all been replaced, so I can't provide that information. if anyone can figure out what model it was, it would be quite appreciated. Thanks!
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Is there are letter before the serial number? If so, by my limited Gibson knowledge, it's 74/75. If not, it's 70-73.

The problem with Gibson's numbering is that its really inconsistent and they've reused numbers from the 70s later on, so its hard to tell. Any chance ph4ntompunch you can post up a few photos?