Hey guys...just a quickie...how can I balance my double kick pedal evenly?!?
One side always has very sloppy response compared to the other...so just wondering what I'm doing wrong
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Depends on the pedal you have. Usually it's a combination of spring tension and beater angle. You might find your slave pedal needs to be setup totally different, especially woth a chain drive pedal.

Usually you get what you pay for with double pedals. Cheap pedals usually have this flaw, which is the reason you don't really see many mid-level double pedals on the used market. People generally buy the cheap ones to see if they like double pedals, then quickly upgrade to high end pedals when they realize the cheap ones have poor slave pedal action.
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It is a habit your left foot does not have and the best is to practice it to a metronome to get the habit stored in your mind. The key is in the repeating motions at a steady beat helps you get there fast and evenly

Way back in 2003 when I got my first drum kit I set part of it up with borrowed hardware to check it out at first.

As a drummer I was very green and so very beginner limited in hand and feet combinations besides tuning the drums.

The double pedal was difficult for me but so was playing anything else. I do have recordings somewhere and man I do cringe when I hear them.

Anyway the whole kit got setup and in tune. I started to master left and right feet for double bass by jamming along to overkill by Motorhead and One by Metallica plus standard trip lefts right left right.

I did get a metronome to dial in the habits due to a former drummer I once knew and played with as a guitar player.

You have to be tight and if you do not dial it in you will always struggle some what.

It is not always the gear but many times yourself not having the ability developed to do it.
Get the book stick control and practice it with your feet. Start slowly and focus on control rather than speed. Once your comfortable with an exercise speed it up. Practice this with a metronome.

If it's an actual pedal problem then you can adjust the beater and spring so each pedal matches the other in terms of response.