Hi! I would like to share with a recording of my band KARRAKAN. We inspire our sound in Black Sabbath / Led Zeppelin.I would be glad to read some comments. Song was composed by me (guitar and vox) with some help of my brother who is playing the saxophone.

The link:
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I LOVE this! It's awesome, mate! Reminds me abit of the band from Norway "Kaizers Orchestra"! Love the sound! You got the oompa in you

To start off, the production quality is absolutely top notch!

At 0:15, that lick was just amazing to me, great touch. I just wish I understood polish xD but I like the vocalist's raspy voice, if that's what you were going for, but he sounds a little held back.

Every now and then you throw in a colorful riff after each verse(?) (like at 1:06 and at 1:38) which I believe keeps the listener interested, coz it makes it very, dynamic.

I actually think the sax feels scared to be part of the song, and is also holding back.

Overall, I must say this was a brilliant song, especially since I don't normally listen to more rock inclined styles and it still caught my attention. You guys really know what you're doing!

PS: I came from your review of my song Distinctions. Thanks for the review and for showing me your song - you guys have something good going on!
That was brilliant. You guys know your stuff. Very interesting mix of styles. You make it sound familiar enough that people will most likely instantly "get it", but you still have your own soound. Very enjoyable experience. I actually disagree with LourDeo_15; I think the sax is just enough. Like this it feels more like just a normal addition and part of the song instead of becoming a gimmick. Very cool. The song is very dynamic but still easy to follow along with which is a fantastic attribute. Massive potential here, keep at it!

By the way, I don't think you should start writing English songs just to reach a wider audience; I could totally see this getting an international audience despite the language.

Huliheaden Thank you for a good word! About wiritng English lyrics - I'm glad that you see my music getting an international audience despite the language but I still think that writing English versions of those lyrics is a good idea. The most improtant reason to that is that we use great poetry in our songs. The author of lots of our lyrics was my grandfather who was a poet for over 40 years. I think that we could at least add English translations in a booklet of our CD as we intend to put a lot of value in the lyrics as well as in the music. Also, getting to a broader audience isn't a bad thing to do, is it? However, don't worry - translating the lyrics is not our priority We love our native language