I am currently making a guitar, and have just bought the pickups, I am at the stage where I need to start routing cavities. Id like to direct mount the pups on to the body without using screws. I was thinking of using the bolts that came with the pups and for them to screw into a brass fitting which has the correct thread and has been hammered into the body, similar to how tune-o-matic bridges are attached to guitars. The main reason I want to do it like this is so I have a lot of adjustability still and so I dont have to drill out the pup mounting holes. Does anyone think this is possible? And if this has been done, does anyone know where I could get some brass fittings to hammer into the body? (I dont have taps or a lathe to make these things on) Thanks!
I wouldn't know where to get the fittings but I really like the idea since using woodscrews usually requires drilling out the pickups to accomodate the larger screw diameter; making pickup changes a bit more permanent. Maybe you can find a machinist shop (or perhaps a machinist school) in your neighbourhood willing to make something for a small fee?
That looks great! Cheers, I'll let you know how i get on, bit of a shame id still have to lose the thread in the pickup screw hole, but I like this solution a lot more than using woodscrews.