I have really wanted/needed a proper Strat-style for a while now. The Jay Turser I have does not really cut it for professional use. So these Sterling CT50's (Sterling is Music Man's "Squier" equivalent, although arguably better) have been edging me on for a while.

Has anyone tried them? How does the sound and feel compare to a MIM or MIA Fender Strat? How drastic is the output difference between the "vintage single coils" and other pups? Is the neck hindering or do you get used to it?
I'm also very interested to hear anyone's experience. I was actually on the fence a while ago about buying the Music Man version, I went with an Albert Lee instead though. Anyone with some first-hand info on these would be greatly appreciated.
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i concur in the interest, but i would probably go for the EBMM myself if you can.

another (somewhat similar, somewhat different) option that i have had good results with running sound for is the PRS S2.

one of the guys just bought one and its pretty sweet, i played it for a little bit and was impressed.

i don't know your budget though.

if you want a cheaper strat with all the bells and whistles look at the old "USA Strat+" i have seen them go cheap, and they come with nice hardware and lace pickups, and all that fancy stuff.

another ideas (ask danny) is fret-king. i haven't tried one though.
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Trashed, the EBMM is definitely a better guitar, but all the Sterlings I've tried have been rock solid. I wouldn't hesitate buying one.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.