Tab Request (Easy) Dog's Eye View - Everything Falls Apart; SHORT lead-work, no solo

So i'm learning this song for my 90's band and I am not finding anything but "chords" for instruction. I've worked on a few parts but they just don't seem right to my ear. Here is a link to the video. . The part i'm referring to begins at :55 at the start of the chorus. The chorus chords are E, F#m, A, B. There is a little run down at the start of the riff thats giving me the most difficulty. I can't tell if there is a slide into the riff and where exactly it is on the guitar neck. It may be on the B & E strings. Run down frets 4, 2, 0 on the E while alternating open B notes.

My main concern is that i'm getting the very start of that riff correct. I'll slide on the E string from 2/4 but i'm not sure if i'm missing some other notes that go along with it. I'll post what i've got so far; Please let me know if I you hear something i'm not or any other additions to help fill this part out.
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