Hi I think I'm gonna trade my fender MIM strat HSS for an epiphone les Paul. Which one do you think is better a Korean epiphone les Paul or a epiphone les Paul classic t with the min-etune?
Classic t - https://img.olx.pt/images_olxpt/879842675_4_1000x700_epiphone-les-paul-classic-t-black-cherry-nova-a-estrear-lazer.jpg
Korean epiphone - https://img.olx.pt/images_olxpt/877629329_1_261x203_guitarra-eletrica-epiphone-les-paul-edio-limitada-case-alenquer.jpg
Well, what do you like better? Can you try them first? Whats your budget, location, style of music that you play?

Personally, unless youre insisting on getting something with auto tuners I would probably just get a used standard. Better bang for your buck.
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H4T3BR33D3R I play a little bit of everything from jazz and blues to hard rock and some metal. Both guitars are used and the Korean one has probuckers (I don't know if that's good or not) I saw some newer epiphone les Paul standards but I've always heard that the Korean ones are better.
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Yeah, I feel unless you feel the stupid min-e-tune is a deal breaker, the other one seems like a better option.