How do these guitars play for their price. I've seen john mayer play his super eagle with dead and company and now want a prs se. I'm not expecting john mayer sound but i would like to know what i am getting into. Thanks!
The PRS SE series is an excellent bang for your buck, especially if you find a gently used one. I've had several, all great players with no issues, fit and finish, were excellent. Find one that fits your budget and enjoy.

That being said, they are nowhere near the custom shop Eagle that Mayer is playing. Even the USA made core models are a big step up.
Warning... once you play a PRS core model (or higher) you will be GASsing for one.
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As an owner of one, all I can say is that they´re highly recommendable if you are aiming to them. I had this one for several years and never had any problems with that; besides being really comfortable to play; and more than "decent-sounding". It´s a Korean SE Custom Semi-Hollow
I've got a SE Paul Allender and just love it. The floating trem is surprisingly stable for a non-locking trem. 25 guitars in my collection and this is the one I keep coming back to.
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Get a hard tail if possible, the floating bridges are just too unstable

Not at all. The bridge itself is fine. The problem is the stock tuners are just awful. I put a set of Gotoh locking tuners on it and it's fine.
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