Hello UG,

I have a new song called Ash. Actually, it's an old track that I wrote in 2014. I wanted to use my new and improved skills to make it sound how I wanted it to when I first wrote it. You can listen to here: https://soundcloud.com/dirtychain/ash .

I would appreciate any feedback especially on the mix. As always, feel free to post a link to your song and I'll give you my thoughts on it.

Overall the production quality is pretty good. Huge guitar sound. Some cool lead guitar work as well. My only complaint would be the song never really carriers a certain groove for a period of time, it changed up a lot. I think you could spend a little more time on certain progressions or riffs, that would add more weight to the breaks I think. But I have no complaints if that was a song-writing style that you were going for.

Please review my music at this link.
Again, good work on your track.
Man, I really liked the song. I agree with xevious1 that the guitars sound huge, but I'd love them crunchier. I must say the solo was so well played and sat very well with the rest of the track. I feel like it's a great track to showcase your musicality. I liked how linear the song was, reminded of a backwards wave spectrum (slowed down near the end). You've got the creativity and that will more than certainly make you stand out. Congrats on the track, my friend!
Really nice job. A lot of character in this piece. I disagree with xevious1 about the fact that it needs to carry a certain groove for a longer amount of time. I think the linearity is one of the things that make this piece very good. I could totally see this one with some vocals on top. That climax at around 1:40 could really be carried to the heavens with some proper vocals.

I got really carried away with the song, nice job and awesome playing!

Nice work dude !

The composition, guitar playing and the sound are all pretty good. Regarding the mix i think you should just try to avoid some frequency overlapping. And maybe try to "clean" the frequency spectrum of the instrument if you didn't do it yeat. (Eg. Put a high pass filter that cut all the freq < 50 to 70 Hz for the guitar) !

Feel free to check my work too https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1706834
Rock In Peace.
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Great song man! Kicks hard, grooves and lots of feels! The mix is good overall, there are however certain things I would change. The crashes are a bit overcompressed, and perhaps have too much treble. They sound a bit harsh. I would dial down a bit of treble on the guitars as well. The kick needs to be a bit louder to make the chords hit more. EQ some high mids on the kick to give it more punch/definition! Everything else sounded great Nice work man, keep it up!
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Hey, thanks for reviewing my music and sorry for the late reply!

I really enjoyed listening to this song, it's something that I would definitely add to my library. The songwriting is on point and I really like the chord progression you used throughout most of the song (I don't know shit about music theory, but it has that 'hold on, then release' feeling), and the clean arpeggio at 00:24. Solo was very melodic and nice too, reminded me of Polyphia at some points. Keep up the good work!
I love how much feeling you put into this song. It never gets boring and your playing is pretty perfect. I do agree that the crash sounds a bit, meh. I would love to hear a "fuller" crash, I guess. Other than that, I could jam to this song all day. I've also been listening to your other songs and I've got to say, you've got an amazing talent!

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