This is my arrangement of the Scott Joplin Classic, Maple Leaf Rag - thanks for listening!

greatly appreciate you checking this out! It's a guitar built by Will Renshaw, a luthier about 30 min from me here in Lexington. It's sitka/indian - short scale, thanks for asking!

Sounds great man! I tried learning this a few times in the past few years but couldn't both from lack of tabs and lack of skill. You mightve convinced me to give it another crack.
You ever play the St Louis Tickle? I have a lot of fun with that rag, especially Dave Van Ronks version
teleobrien Sure appreciate the post and thanks for checking this out! I'm not sure i've heard that but i'll be checking it out - DVR version - thanks!
Beautiful guitar and great playing! What's your recording setup?
My God, it's full of stars!
Dreadnoughtsincere thanks for checking this out! I'm a bit embarrassed to say that the audio and video were both captured on a iPhone.