Hey everyone, now I know Behringer are a bag of wank, but I can't afford to replace it at the moment, problem I've got is the dial knob which adjusts the cut off timer has broken off, I believe it's called a trimpot, so all I'm left with inside is a little metallic disc with a hole in the centre. It's currently on the highest setting which means it takes 4 seconds or so to turn off. Is there anyway to adjust it to cut off instantly now the knobs broke? It'll be going in the bin once I can afford to replace it, just be nice to sort the issue in the meantime
Are you talking about the actual Wah pedal or something like the Auto Wah? The Wah Pedal would probably not be too difficult to fix presuming you have the right part and the parts themselves are mounted reasonably. But I imagine the Auto Wah pedal would be a pain to disassemble and fix. Either way I am not sure it would be worth your effort. You may be able to open up the unit and adjust the pot manually but I am not sure.

If you need a cheap reasonable Wah, the Modtone Vintage Wah is there for you.
buy a used dunlop standard cry baby. I have seen them for under $30.
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