Hey guys!
Does anyone know some good tuning machine heads for an old Eko 12 String guitar?
That guitar is probably from ~1967 and tuning machine heads are reaaally hard to move and make my strings go out of tune after a few minutes of playing.
Don't really want to spend a lot because the guitar has big cracks on the neck and I prefer spending money for electric guitar gear.
Location: Germany
Picture of the guitar:

Thanks in Advance !
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Well, all 12 strings take "mini" tuners, as you couldn't get six in a row of standard size. (We're not going to talk about Rickenbacker 12's though).

Insofar as it goes, no tuners are really "cheap", when you're forced to buy 12 of them...

When you get into really old stuff, it's likely to have non standard parts, and you'll have to improvise, drill different holes or whatever.

I"m sorry but I can't help you with suppliers abroad, I'm here in the US.
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Inspect the gearing for loose screws, stripped gears and worn post holes and put some lithium grease on 'em. If the post holes are out of round you can redrill to round 'em and put in sleeves.
That's a 14 fretter, for sure tune 1 step below standard concert!
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