Hey guys,
I have an RG421 with stock pickups since May 2nd but I noticed that the sound gets colder and less defined, the more I move my 5-Way-Switch switch up.
I absolutely can't stand that sound.. The lowest position sounds pretty good but the highest just sounds dead and a lot quieter to me.
I assume that the highest position of the 5-Way switch activates the neck pickup and the lowest position the bridge pickup, I'm not entirely sure though.
Is it possible that the pickup height is the reason for that "dead" tone ?
I know that it has an influence on the volume, but what about the tone?
The neck pickup height is lower than the bridge pickup height.
Thanks in Advance!
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yeah it affects the tone. i'd have called the neck pickup warmer rather than colder, though. strum over the neck pickup and then over the bridge pickup (when unplugged), that'll give you some idea of the difference in tone. the neck pickup's usually lower because the string vibrates more over the neck pickup and therefore is louder.
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If it sounds a lot quieter, there may be something wrong with it. But first try raising the neck pickup and see if that solves the problem.
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I'll do it tomorrow and keep you up to date, it's already 1AM here :s
I adjusted the pickup height and now it sounds a lot louder and better defined!
I still prefer the bridge pickup to be honest, but now it's just preference.
Maybe, I'll replace the neck pickup after I have a second guitar, but I don't know whether the guitar is worth upgrading or not.
It's my first guitar and it would be nice to keep and modify her even after I have more guitars but for Metal I'd prefer a guitar with whammy bar and for rock in Standard or Half-Step-Down Tuning a Les Paul. x.x
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