Came in from your review on my content.

This is actually some nice listening and well made. The production quality is absolutely top notch man, the tones, the drums, the little lead in the back, all pretty damn good I liked it overall (can't say much much more since it's only a backing track tho)
The production feels a bit brick-walled to me and could be a little more dynamic. I think that would suit it. I'm not too fond of the snare sound, but I'm guessing these aren't live drums? It feels a bit dry and too punchy in this mix. The lead in the left ear could be a little clearer in the mix. I like the descending bass notes during the "verses"(?), adds a lot of character and dissonance to the piece. I like the ending.

As LourDeo said, since it's a backing track, there's not too much to say. It works quite well on its own, but doesn't really stand out too much, so the make-or-break factor would be the lead on top - vocals or guitar or whatever. As it is there are some ideas that feel like they aren't entirely fleshed (felt a bit repetitive overall), but - who knows - they might work brilliantly when the lead is put on top. Hard to say with this sort of stuff. So I hope you'll do that at some point.

Overall, this track sounds nice and clear. The only exception is the leads. I don't like the little leads that are panned to the left because they are hard to hear in the mix. Everything else works well. The drums sound great and bass sits well.

There's not much to say about this track since it is a backing track. I jammed along to it.

Thanks for the criticism.
Thanks for reviewing my stuff!

This sounds pretty nice overall and definitely resembles a Joe Satriani backing track (really liked the flavor that the backing lead adds). I'd love to hear a solo on top though for a better review of it. Also, I know it's a guitar backing track, but I would've added a little more diversity in the drum fills throughout the track, that's just a matter of personal preference though.