My cover of Jeff Buckley's Forget Her. I miss the D5 on the "Remember her hair" but I'm not gonna trip because my dad came home. I didn't want to keep him up lol. Constructive criticism welcome.

P.S.: I know it looks like I'm straining in some places but I just close my eyes to focus on singing better. No strain!
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There's no lack of passion in what you're doing here, but there's a lack of comfort and focus. It sounds as if you're holding back on your vocals, and your guitar work is acceptable, but it isn't smooth and comfortable. Everything has a forced and uncomfortable sound.

Jeff Buckley was exceptional at what he did, in terms of both his guitar and vocal ability, and it's no realistic goal for anyone to match or exceed what he did. The best you can do is reinterpret it and express his work in a way that relates to your own, personal form of expression (your sound). What that is is entirely up to you, and it can take many years of experience and practice to find it.

At the moment, I think it's commendable that you want to sound like or match the sound of Jeff Buckley, a great influence and a talented artist. On the other hand, there are many other aspects of music that you need to spend your time focusing on before you're ready to professionally tackle his music.

Practice arpeggios, spend some time learning chord voicings, and find confidence in your voice. Start simple, and the work your way up. In the end, you will know yourself better, and become a better vocalist.
Mud Martian

Thank you for the feedback!
I think the "holding back" aspect is a result of actually holding back and being semi-aware of my technique. I've been told many times that I'm good but subconsciously, I don't believe it so I'm afraid my playing/singing will offend someone in the house. I do have it in my head that I'm good albeit needing improvement but when I'm actually in the act of playing, I kinda get nervous. I've been getting better at that though. But I would like to hear exactly what you mean so I can work on it better.

I'm pretty good at arpeggios and am pretty well-versed in different chord voicings but I recorded this off-the-cuff and learned it by ear like a day or two ago. When I get the desire to record and upload a certain cover, I do it right then lol. I'm a pretty impulsive person.
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