hi ive been playing for 6 months and have been thinking of picking up a new guitar. I currently have a ibanez grx70qa i play mainly metal and some reggae,alternative,and classic rock. My ibanez doesnt have the clean and aggressive tones im looking for and its not the best in drop tunings as far as tone and staying in low tuning i.e. a#. Ive been stuck in between the schecter hellraiser c-1 and the prs se mark holocomb edition and cant see any of the guitars in person because i live 80 miles from the closest guitar store. So overall if anyone can help put me in the right direction it will be appreciated. they are both 900.
If you've just been playing for six months, a PRS Holcomb - even the SE - is beyond your ability to really appreciate. That might not be what you want to hear, but it would be like giving a five year old the computers NASA use to launch a space shuttle in that you wouldn't know what you had or how to really make use of it fully. This is why most people start out on less expensive guitars - especially now when you can drop 500 bucks on a guitar and get something that's not only playable, but can grow with you over literal years and be improved with parts swaps. But right now, there's no reason for you to spend almost a grand on a guitar.

To directly answer your question, I would highly recommend Chapman. They're absolutely unbeatable for at/around 600US pricepoint, and my ML-3 Modern with a pickup swap hands out outplays guitars I've spent a thousand on. It's well made, durable, insanely resonant, highly articulate, and with a Seymour Duncan Distortion in it sings sustain for days. Plus it's got features you don't normally get at that pricepoint - for example, an ebony fretboard. I'll link you to two of them here -



If you're into more established brands -



or http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/JP60-MGR if you're hell bent on going over 500 ish.

Those are more obvious brands.

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an.interloper thanks i will definitely look into these its just i got some extra money and i plan on playing for a long time so i thought i might as well get something nice but ive played a hellraiser c7 and thats what drew me to the c1.
Just a couple of thoughts here...If you want a nice guitar that has some weight to it for nice sustain, you can find PRS SE Nick Catanese or Tremonti Custom models out there for like $400-$450. Either that or, if you want new, I'll agree that the Chapman guitars are some of the biggest bang for the buck guitars out there. Something else...have you thought about swapping out pickups at all? I did that on my guitar and it made a world of difference in the guitar.
CReeves76 what would you reccomend for pick ups i was looking at emgs but theyre 100 a pick up and my guitar is only worth 200.