I am writing this after I had some problems with my rig at a gig. To start off I play a Schecter Stealth CS-1 and was playing it through a peavey 3120. My pedals are a Mojomojo OD pedal, a cs-1 sustainer and a korg tuner; all 9v powered through a voodoo labs power source. I also have a delay tied into the seperate effects loop. The preamp and voodoo were plugged into the same surge protector.

I am not sure if these problems are related in anyway.

My first problem was with my OD. When ever it was turned on I would not get any signal to my amp and it was the last pedal in the line. Because of true bypass I left it in the chain, but used my amps distortion channel as a last minute replacement. During my sound check everything sounded as good as it could, given the circumstances. As the show started I noticed that my volume nob was very loose soon after and when I switched to my bridge pickup, with the coil tap off, I had very low signal. I immediately popped my toggle to the neck pickup and that signal was normal. I also noticed that when I moved around, my instrument cable would give off a loud percussion sound if it hit the floor. Everything else in my rigged worked fine; I had no issues with the delay, sustain or tuner.

Now I am at home and I popped open the back to take a look at the volume nob. I left the pedal at my practice space for now and didn't test it at all when we dropped off our gear. The volume pot was loose enough for the bridge pickup connection to scrape the side of the housing. I have since tightened it, but I still have very low signal (it makes sound if I crank up my amp's volume) from the bridge pickup. When I engage the coil tap I get a full signal from it.

Did half of my pickup go bad? Is it possible i shorted the pick up and it some how affected my OD without affecting the other pedals in the chain? Could it all be merely coincidence?

Let me know if I need to clarify anything

All help is appreciated

Thank you!
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