I've been researching about sound cards and electric guitars everywhere but I can't find what I'm looking for.
My computer's on-board sound card died (water ;c) and I have to buy a new one, so I'm not looking for audio interfaces or USB sound cards.
Before it died, I was connecting a Yamaha Pacifica directly into the MIC connector with a 1/4 1/8 adapter, the problem I had was that I couldn't use the computer sound and guitar sound at the same time, once I opened software like Guitar Rig or Fruity Loop, the computer sound (youtube, windows, etc) was gone.
I believe this was due to channels and things like that.
So I'm looking for an on-board sound card that can or has a software to reproduce both guitar sound and computer sound at the same time.
Also I would be glad to know what is the requirement of the sound card to be able to do this so I can find the better price in my country.
interface and reaper or audacity.
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Does the interface work as a sound card for the pc? And will I be able to hear sounds from the pc and guitar at the same time (from the same speakers? I don't have an amplifier)
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Does the interface work as a sound card for the pc? And will I be able to hear sounds from the pc and guitar at the same time (from the same speakers? I don't have an amplifier)

Your sound will come from your speaker source that you choose. I have two active monitors here and sound will come from them, naturally.
As far as an interface goes, I would recommend M-Audio M-Track, had no problems with it and have had it for a year. Focusrite and Presonus have great simple interfaces as well.
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My problem is that I want to be able to hear both guitar and pc sound, but when I open Guitar Rig, it disables the pc sound and I think that has something to do with Asio4All, I tried Asio multiserver and didn't work.
I don't need recommendations on products, I need to know which one will work without canceling other sounds, nothing else.
You should not get another internal sound card just get a USB interface. There are lots out there and you will find them in every possible configuration and price point. Get one that has the kind of inputs and outputs that suit your needs. Do you need low impedance inputs for microphones (highly recommended)? Do you need multiple line inputs for various sources? Get what will work for you. I can recommend several good ones that are not expensive like the Lexicon Alpha at $50 almost everywhere (Musicians Friend, Amazon, ZZ Sounds, etc.). Although I upgraded to a bigger interface awhile back I used the Lexicon for years and it worked well at a reasonable cost (they use to cost $90-100 now they are half that). That will give you USB connectivity (plug and play), a nice sound card, two high impedance inputs, one low impedance mic input and standard stereo phone outs as well as stereo RCA outputs. It's a great way to start.
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I'm considering an audio interface as well, but I don't want 8 inputs for 40 instruments, I just want 1 for a guitar. I will use the card/interface only with a guitar and a computer. So I need 1 input for guitar and 1 output for pc.
The real question is what can I get that can help me with my audio issue?