I have an addiction.
A burning, chewing, desire
to seek your validation.

I need your attention
and I need your affection.
although you can't obsess over me in the way I do for you,
I'll pretend you can.

Something quiet this swift agitation.
I go back to my original roots of dark alleys and jumbled words.
Night cannot bring the clarification I hoped for.

You left me stuttering and confused.
Please, just return what I have given you.
I pulled bits and pieces out into the open, and I laid them at your feet.

He's independent and confident now,
he knows he is more then I could ever be.
I can see it in his eyes.
He can see behind this facade I've painted on my face.

Your my addiction,
and I'm sure you now know that too.
I swear the same thing is always on my mind.
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