Hello! Here's a video of me and my friend soloing on bass and guitar over Oasis Wonderwall. We know that a lot of people are sick and tired of this song but we did this just as test for a new series on our Youtube channel. We are happy to get som feedback from you guys

Hi, thought I'd drop by here as well.

The bass solo is nice - I don't think of bass as a solo instrument but the playing was good and I don't think there was anything wrong with the solo, it was cool. The guitar solo was also nice but I think you stayed in the same position too much. you didn't really move around much. Technically it was cool though, nice vibrato and very clean playing, and bass too - your bass playing was great. (I don't know which one is actually the user so I'm saying you for both instruments )

Also, adding the backing track in the end was a nice touch. Nice video overall! By the way, what bass is that? A PRS, judging from the inlays?
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Thank you for the nice words and tips. The bass is a PRS SE Kingfisher and it plays really, really great. (Bass player here).
We're just starting up our channel, so if you want to see more like this and follow our journey (lol), feel free to subscribe. You seem like a nice person