I'm having a tough time deciding between the two.

I like that the JC-40 is much smaller and lighter than the JC-120. It's less to lug around and is small enough to reasonably be carry on baggage on a plane. It's also the perfect size for recording and practicing, can fit in my trunk, etc.

However, I like the idea of having the 120 for shows in case that they don't/can't mic me into the PA; from what I've seen it should be plenty loud on its own. With the 40 would I be pretty dependent on them micing? Should that possibility be considered?

Any thoughts?
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I think you would obviously have issues with headroom on the 40 for anything other than a small/tiny venue. The 120 will get you much more in that regard.

I think you've done well at identifying both pros/cons of the amps, now you have the personally struggle of choosing. Its a good problem to have
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You need both!

It really depends on the music you play and the stage volume of the bands you gig with. I have 5 amps ( I know, it a sickness) ranging from a Micro-Cube to a 64 Fender Super Reverb. Each one serves a purpose but the last time I needed ALL of the venerable Super Reverb headroom was 20 years ago gigging outdoors with no mic available. I sold off the 100w 4x12s back then for the same reason. A small 15-30w tube amp with legit tone covers all my needs now with regular gigs ranging from pubs w/50 people to larger shows with 3000 (mic'd). I do Classic Rock, Latin, R&B covers and play in an original band doing showcase sets for larger audiences.

I was invited to sit-in with a hot band in NorCal last weekend and parked my little 15w 1x10 Super Champ next to the lead guitarist's 120w 5150 4x12. It was a pretty funny visual comparison but the drums were not mic'd and the SC held it's own within the stage volume, with enough juice for solos to stand out. The other guitarist was quite the player with monster MI chops but friends said my guitar tone sounded better.

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