Wow. This is really, really well-written. This is seriously some of the best composition I've heard on here in a good long while, the way the energy of the song just rises and rises as it builds on itself is brilliant. Your lead playing is on point, when people talk about playing with feeling, this sort of thing is exactly what they're talking about. I really don't have any criticism or suggestion for improvement for this, it's an amazing track and you are clearly very, very talented. Keep it up dude!
madbasslover Woah thanks. I'm so happy to read that . I don't know what to say. Thanks a lot man !!
Rock In Peace.
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Ah, how nice to hear a well composed track, and even an instrumental one ! Great work,man :-) How cool of you to build the song to add interest all the way to the end. Keep up the good work, and remember that most people listen just half a song, and you made me listen to the whole song.
Crit : Well..the hihat could have been higher in volume, to add some drive ? Just a though !

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Man, I was never really into like old classic rock, but I must say you absolutely nailed it. The simple 80's-ballad-that-everyone-should-listen-to kinda vibe, you know? I'm sure that's what you were going for. Absolutely well done, partner! "make rock/metal great again"
Hey, thanks for reviewing my songs!

I gotta say this is impressive as hell. The chord progressions flow perfectly, so do the leads. Really, this sounds incredibly professional and amazingly well written. I don't have any criticism, I would just leave it as it is, and keep up the great work!
It sounds great.

The snare sounds a bit drowned out. Other than that, the mix is great and nice production quality. The leads and chord progressions are really relaxing; chill is definitely the correct description.

Thanks for the criticism.
This sounds awesome! As others have noted, I love the way it builds up and how the intensity of the guitar is linked to this build up. There's definitely a 80's vibe in this song, but you manage to keep it from feeling cheesy (which is always a pitfall when your song is influenced by 80's ballads). There is a laidback flow present in the track which makes it pleasant to listen to, and overall I enjoyed it very much! As for constructive criticism, the only thing I can comment on is your vibrato. I think you still have some room for improvement in this department. If you work a little more on your vibrato, your tracks will become even more pleasant to listen to. Keep up the great work, man!

Would appreciate it if you would comment on my thing: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1705555
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Amazing lead Work dude. I liked the variation in tone like how it switched around 2:04. I liked the pinch harmonic near the end. Interesting melodic changes. I didn't get the bass line but that didn't detract from the song overall. Your guitar playing is very David Gilmour-esque. I'll be following you as I look forward to your new stuff.

Thanks for comment on my song as well. Cheers!
Very nice and very professional. Sounds great and I love the emotion you put into this song. It is an amazing piece of work. Great job.
Hey, thanks for the crit! Now your song:
Nice opening! Like that piano and synth thing you got there. Just a personal preference, but I would have waited with that hi-hat until the guitars enter at 0:25.
Beatiful guitar tone! Both the clean and the lead guitar tone. Nice playing too.
Haha, like the change at 2:00. Gives me a nice 80's power ballad feel. Nice change at 2:40.
Whoa! Nice harmony aswell.
This is a very well written song, man. Nice build up and I like how it just moves forward without ever getting repetive!
Nice job!
Its a very cool track!

Brilliant playing all along. On the tones, I thought the rhythm tones near the beginning of the track were very bright and had a great old school rock vibe. The lead playing was crisp and on point.

Have a listen to my track and let me know what you think!
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Thank you for the review! Now your song: audio quality is nice. The melodies are pleasant and all of the playing is well done. Nice tune! Since it looks like you are wearing a Bon Jovi shirt, I have a quick story. Bon Jovi has performed (probably more than once) at Gazzarri's (now it's a private club called something else: 1Oak) in Hollywood (where celebrities often hang out). I have played there once back in 1984.