Hey! From looking at the topics here there appears to be a lot of people with issues with this head and I'm hoping someone can help me..

I've just been playing in my room for about an hour and the two standby lights change from green to red and the sound cuts out.. I then leave it a few seconds and then it plays fine again for about 30 seconds and then cuts out again.. My room is air con'd and not hot as other people have experienced.. The head itself is only 3 weeks old and I've not had much chance to play it as the weather itself has been hot and sticky..

Is it a dodgy head I've got and should I return it to the shop or is there some relatively straight forward fix I can do?!

Thanks a lot!!
Take it back.

Page 6 of the manual covers this, but it's a power tube failure and if you're within warranty period, it's not something to bother with.