What's your guys' opinion on a matte black guitar that has shiny spots where the player rests his hands and plays and such? My friend and I were just talking about this because my Ibanez RG421ex-bkf has a shiny spot next to the bridge and where I rest my forearm, so I decided to come here to read up on other people's opinions on it. I personally like it, it gives it that "warn in" look.
Any satin or matte finishes will do that to some extent. - Satin necks go gloss very quickly when I play them, because my skin is dry. I've got one guitar I refinished in satin black, and it is developing shiny spots. I don't mind at all, it is just fair wear and tear, relicing if you like.
I have an Agile 3010 baritone and its flat black. Getting the same thing where I rest my hand. Read up on flat black finsihes for cars and all sorts of things. All answers/responses basically say it cant be fixed without repainting the whole thing wether its a car or anything else. If you find a different answer please let me know.