So I have been presented with a ZZ TOP branded strat copy from a good friend who kept in a case since the 90's (im told) anybody have any info on ZZ Top branded guitars? Ive heard that the fretboards are amazing and that they are VERY similar to the Vestor strat copies (maybe an offshoot?) but I dont know much else anybody with any ideas?
I always thought Billy Gibbons was a Gibson man. But if it's got anything to do with ZZ Top, I'd be interested. That little old band from Texas brings the heat.
I'm not sure whether it is an actual ZZ top guitar, its only branded at the headstock
we won't be able to do much without pics. :shurg:
If it's one of those Vester "Stage Series" models it's a plywood entry level Strat copy. Reasonable for a guitar at the price point of a Squier Affinity but nothing you'd necessarily want to do a world tour with, unless you're into smashing guitars.
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