here trashed goes again, constantly posting at 4 am. but what is an insomniac supposed to do at 4am. ugh fuckk

what i want is something relatively inexpensive <$350 if i can. i want something easy to work with, and it has to be all tube.

i want to have a TON of info on it, and ideas for the mods.

i also want it to sound good.

i don't want a VK unless i can find one STOOPID cheap. if i can i will go for it.

maybe i should do a 6505+ combo and convert it into a head as well? (t00deep did a nice one i see). BUT i already own a block letter 5150.
get a jca 20 and rip out the guts. you can build anything you want in there.
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Epiphone Valve Jr 5-watt tube combo.. there is different bitmo upgrade kits to choose from, it might be hard to get, but it's a good platform.. I own one with hotrod mod (+bright switch and standby), I changed the original 8" speaker to Jensen c8r.. nothing wrong with original speaker, just wanted more vintage sound.
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Just mod a Valve jr.
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