Hey there, I'm a beginning guitar player, always been playing on a cheap $100
Now 2 years later I got +-600 dollar to spend and I'm looking for a more metalcore-ish AMP/COMBO but I'm a real nooby in this area.
Preferably a TUBE one but if there are really good solid state ones that are recommended with or without presets, then i would also look into them.
I got recommendations already mostly about a Peavey 6505+ but would love to some other ideas popping up to compare and maybe be cheaper.
I don't plan on doing Big gigs but maybe small gigs might happen in the near future.

Music I would love to play:
-Parkway Drive
-A day to remember
-August Burns Red
-The Amity affliction
-chunk! No, captain Chunk!

Thanks in advance guys,
I am not totally familiar with them but you could look up the guitarists of those bands to see what amps they use. A 6505 mini head might work but again I am just guessing. The 6505 platform is used by a Shiz ton of people in that scene I think.
how about I just start upgrading to a vypyr VIP 2, since I also got an accoustic one that I can plug into. Are there any alternatives for that one, price range 300-500?
Yeah, you want a 6505+ for that style and your budget.

So to stretch your budget, get a used 6505+ 112 combo for around $350. Used from Guitar Center, Craigslist, Reverb, or Music-go-round.

Spend about $100 a new set of JJ tubes from eurotubes.com (they test and match theirs).

About another $100 on a speaker upgrade. A used Celestion Vintage 30 or a new Warehouse Guitar Speaker (WGS) Veteran 30.

$30 for a Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal from Amazon.

And remember that amp has a green channel with crunch and the overdrive is still heavy as hell.
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6505 for sure. If you want to save some cash look into a used vypyr tube 60. Forget the VIP.
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this screams 6505. they are to a degree the "standard" for that tone for a good reason.

You could also look into a Peavey JSX. a little different flavor but still an awesome amp. I have both in head form. Marshall dsl (as 8Len8) said. a little different, but they can get pretty heavy with the right OD pedal and speaker.
Like everyone above me said, 6505 sounds pretty spot on.

I'd like to present an alternative that I have in my arsenal though, one that in my opinon is a real bang for the buck.
The Bugera 333/333xl infinium. It has a very peavey-ish distortion sound and I use it a lot. Some people are frightened merely when Bugera is mentioned, but I have not experiences any trouble with my amp and not a lot of people seem to have either, judging from online reviews.
You could also look into other Bugera amps, I believe they have a 6505 clone aswell.