Hey there, I'm a beginning guitar player, always been playing on a cheap $100
Now 2 years later I got +-600 dollar to spend and I'm looking for a more metalcore-ish AMP/COMBO but I'm a real nooby in this area.
Preferably a TUBE one but if there are really good solid state ones that are recommended with or without presets, then i would also look into them.
I got recommendations already mostly about a Peavey 6505+ but would love to some other ideas popping up to compare and maybe be cheaper.
I don't plan on doing Big gigs but maybe small gigs might happen in the near future.

Music I would love to play:
-Parkway Drive
-A day to remember
-August Burns Red
-The Amity affliction
-chunk! No, captain Chunk!

Thanks in advance guys,
I am not totally familiar with them but you could look up the guitarists of those bands to see what amps they use. A 6505 mini head might work but again I am just guessing. The 6505 platform is used by a Shiz ton of people in that scene I think.
how about I just start upgrading to a vypyr VIP 2, since I also got an accoustic one that I can plug into. Are there any alternatives for that one, price range 300-500?
Yeah, you want a 6505+ for that style and your budget.

So to stretch your budget, get a used 6505+ 112 combo for around $350. Used from Guitar Center, Craigslist, Reverb, or Music-go-round.

Spend about $100 a new set of JJ tubes from eurotubes.com (they test and match theirs).

About another $100 on a speaker upgrade. A used Celestion Vintage 30 or a new Warehouse Guitar Speaker (WGS) Veteran 30.

$30 for a Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal from Amazon.

And remember that amp has a green channel with crunch and the overdrive is still heavy as hell.
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6505 for sure. If you want to save some cash look into a used vypyr tube 60. Forget the VIP.
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this screams 6505. they are to a degree the "standard" for that tone for a good reason.

You could also look into a Peavey JSX. a little different flavor but still an awesome amp. I have both in head form. Marshall dsl (as 8Len8) said. a little different, but they can get pretty heavy with the right OD pedal and speaker.
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Like everyone above me said, 6505 sounds pretty spot on.

I'd like to present an alternative that I have in my arsenal though, one that in my opinon is a real bang for the buck.
The Bugera 333/333xl infinium. It has a very peavey-ish distortion sound and I use it a lot. Some people are frightened merely when Bugera is mentioned, but I have not experiences any trouble with my amp and not a lot of people seem to have either, judging from online reviews.
You could also look into other Bugera amps, I believe they have a 6505 clone aswell.