"The Unseen"

To the beat of life,
It emerged from nature
Gifted with imagination
Born with determination

It observes the broken beauty
Of a heart yet to be mended
By the wounds of the blind
By the smiting of the deafened.

For it created a universe
And no one would see it
And no one would hear it
Falling into indifference

Sickened is the path
Beneath a myriad of stars
That called it’s fate
In the darkest of nights.

For it was the unseen
That exposed it’s desires
Deep from it’s soul
Expanding with energy
But as it was the unseen
No wish could be filled
And it’s hands trembled
As it froze in apathetic cold

It’s on the way to
Become someone for itself
It’s on the way
To become none for anyone
It’s talent, blurred
By stinging silence

It gifts golden treasures
To the very same that don’t accept them
They fall in non-existent hands
And disappear in the emptiest void

The lethal emptiness chokes
Any possible hope
For the poor unseen
Who’s determined to go on

It will not let it go
It’s already used to the climate
For it knows, that one day
It’ll be seen

It’ll hold on.

There’s no other way. (12x)
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