Hi, There are SO many new pedal companies. I am looking for any feedback on how folks like these pedals and why they chose them:

JHS Alpine Dual Reverb

Boss FRV-1

Catalinbread Topanga

Also interested in any others. I would love:

- GREAT Spring reverb
- Possible multiple reverbs and presets.

I currently have a TC Hall of Fame that is pretty good, but the Spring seems weak. I haven't tried the Toneprints yet.

Thank You,

- sT
Strymon Blue Sky or Big Sky would be my vote ...... I have the Blue Sky and love it
Alpine I thought was bad. It's quite expensive, it doesn't sound that springy, it takes up a lot of space and all you can really do with it is tweak a mediocre reverb, but only that one model. If it had a few different types (hall, plate, spring) it might be neat, but it's surprisingly limited for something so expensive and with the number of controls it has. If you want a straight-ahead spring sound, get something else. Ambient tweakers might find something useful here, but I didn't.

FRV-1 I have not played.

Topanga is a really, really good dedicated spring sound. It's a great candidate if you just want a spring verb.

Two other good options are the Digitech Polara and the Malekko Spring Chicken. The Digitech is excellent all-around, with a very good spring sound, but it's also got a bunch of other models to play with which I think is valuable. The Malekko is just spring, and does it very well.
I have a HoF mini and its solid but not fantastic.
Strymon is probably the way to go imo - if you have the space on your board obviously. I'd check out Earthquake devices too - I believe they have a nice reverb
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