Hi, guys !
Can someone help me.
I'm trying to mod HH to HSH pickup combo
5way superswitch now doing next :
1. Bridge humbucker
2. Inner coils of both HB
3. Both HB parallel
4. Outer coils of both HB
5. Neck humbucker

What I'm trying to get, besides adding middle single coil, is next switching combo :
1. Bridge humbucker full
2. Bridge HB split (slug coil (closer to middle single coil)) + middle single coil
3. Outer coils of both HB (like original but different switch position)
4. Neck HB split (screw coil (closer to neck))
5. Neck humbucker full

So I need somebody to verify m schematic that I'm attaching.
I'll try to attach PDF with two pictures: upper one original wiring and the other one is my change.
Also, I don't know do I have to cut little connections on the up side of switch (marked with crossed magenta lines) and replace connections of tone pots.
Please someone to help me if have enough time to deal with it.
Thank You all in advance.
Alan from Croatia, Europe
Fender blacktop stratocaster floyd rose HH to HSH conversion.pdf