hi, guys
i hear people talk about stacking there drive pedal together,

whats the idea of stacking drive pedals?

do you guys use your drive pedals this way ?

do some drive pedal work/stack well together then other drive pedals ?

thanks for your time guys,
I've done a bit of stacking a Ibenez TS808 (vintage OD) in front of a Big Muff Nano (fuzz). I thought it was kinda cool but not really my thing.

I've also tried messing with the Fulltone OCD and the TS808, again seemed cool but not my thing. I tend to like the natural sound of the amp with just a little OD added.

Overall I think that is just sounded too muddy stacking too much
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different people may stack pedals for different reasons. The main purpose of stacking pedals is so that I can have varying levels of gain without having to bend down and tweak pedals while playing - 1 pedal light gain - 2 pedals stacked more gain. You also change the tone up a bit by having multiple pedals.

most OD pedals will stack well with each other just play around, also order makes a difference the same two pedals stacked A-B or B-A will give different tones.

Try stacking different types of ODs as well for more tonal variety - as in stacking a Klon type pedal and TS type pedal as opposed to two TS pedals.
It can be a dangerous game to be honest, by all means do it but just be wary of muddying the general tone too much and losing all definition. With cheaper pedals you also start moving very quickly into brittle 'glassy' tone - and not the good kind that's based on high fidelity. If you stack OD and dist you can also end up with a way fuzzier tone as a whole, which is useful for scenarios but they are far and few between (fuzz pedals and fuzz sounds have very, very limited uses if you ask me anyway).

Also be prepared for quite a bit of hissing and feedback, if you're going to dual stomp be sure you're playing some rhythm for that moment or a very fluid solo that doesn't have any stops.

Personally before I knew any better I used to run either the drive on it's own and then use my distortion pedal to boost its saturation and volume. It worked sure but in retrospect knowing what I know now and my general understanding of tone, it was kind of a mistake. As all the big guys say, less gain just simply means more.

My advice for double driving your tone is only really do it if your pedal doesn't have a volume boost mode in it, or if you don't have a volume boost. And if you have to do it for whatever reason, make sure your secondary drive pedal has a bit more tone to it and the gain not massively higher than the first pedal. You can get some interesting tones by stacking drives but you've really got to watch out for being stung by it. It might sound cool and heavy when you play by yourself or to a backing track, but in a band situation it's a very quick and easy way to get lost in the mix and sound a bit shitty overall.

For me I'd have to say, by all means have two drive pedals or a drive and a distortion, but be sure to include a volume boost too. That way you can boost your gain for a single pedal using the boost, and still have two distinct drive tones that can be run separately to give a different tonal variety. But then again another piece of advice if you're running two different drive pedals, make sure they're of similar value/quality - otherwise the cheaper one will stick out like a sore thumb.


Just want to point out I'm coming from a gigging/recording perspective using somewhat expensive gear - a few years ago when I was still learning and was using cheaper gear dual stomping could bring out some good results using cheaper pedals and cheaper amps. It's good to experiment with, but if you're gigging etc I think it's better to keep drives separate unless you're 100% confident that dual stacking is good for your bands sound.
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i've never gotten anything from running two drive pedals that i couldn't do with one. i leave a Seymour Duncan 808 on all the time (because it has more flexible equalizer settings), and use a TS-7 as a lead boost. but i would never use both of them at the same time for a rhythm sound because each pedal can provide more than enough drive on its own, since i'm just using them on top of distortion.
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The order matters too. For example, the Green Rhino is a great overdrive but if you boost its input it quickly becomes a noisy POS. So it has to go first.
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As was stated, I think best case scenario is using an OD as a tone shaper, and then another for a lead boost. Or maybe using an OD on the clean channel and then another as a slight gain boost. Other than that, I can see doing OD stacking for a noisey passage kind of like something Jack White would do, but I couldn't imagine using more than one OD for my main tone.
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I currently use a mostly clean amp and 3 pedals for gain; boost, distortion and fuzz. Not only does each pedal sound sweet on its own but they also all get along very well and can all be kicked on at the same time for a noise-free but absurdly saturated tone.

Some very sweet dirt pedals don't sound all that great mixed with other good dirt pedals so it really is trial and error to find something that works for you.
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I have 2 OD's: The Keeley Red Dirt Mini and an old Ibanez TS-9.

I use the Keeley for effectively a clean boost (drive down low) and the TS-9 for a rhythm tone (drive around 12 o'clockish)
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bluesfloyd I have three drive pedals - xotic ac booster, bb preamp and pharaoh fuzz.

Each pedal sounds great on it's own and they sound great stacked. Normally i would engage two pedals to boost a certain part and add more gain. I ll put all three if i need a vortex of crazy.

The trick is to not max out the gain on the drive pedals - that keeps them from getting too muddy when stacked. Not every pedal will stack well either.
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