So recently , I was playing guitar for the first time in a week or so and I happened to notice that all of a sudden the lower end started to sound a lot more muffled , fuzzy and sort of compressed . When completely clean the sound Im getting seems to have an extremely harsh lower end and sounds almost as if it's taking complete dominance over the mid and high sounds despite my bass levels being heavily scooped . I usually however play on the clean channel with a mxr 5150 overdrive and while it's on the horrible sounding lower end becomes even more apparent . I've tried swapping out different leads and patch cables and I've tried using another guitar into this same amp yet still maintaining the same results .I've also tried using the overdrive and both guitars into a smaller practice amp and from what I can hear , the sound is fine , eliminating the pedal and the guitar as the cause of the noise . However I'm still trying to narrow down as to what the problem might be with the amp in hopes of being able to fix it and if any one knows at all , an estimated amount on how much parts would cost to replace and how much the repairs would set me back

Just incase the details help narrow down the issue

The Amp is an orange th30 combo which was purchased around 7 months ago

Guitar is a gretsch electromatic

And leads are fender custom shops

Pedal board is as follows
Polytune 2 -> MXR 5150 overdrive -> BOSSDD7 delay -> BOSS fender 68 reverb

Any information at all is greatly appreciated
Thank you : )
Might be a tube problem. Try swapping tubes.