I almost fall down after play guitar in a stance for the first time. I used to play guitar for like 4-5 hour with no problem sitting down.

Hmmm.. Is there anyone has this problem or this is happen to everyone. And also is this the reason most musician doing drug to boost their energy on stage?
Or maybe it's the first time of me playing guitar while standing? My neck really hurt and I play like a newbie because It's just different from sitting. I also notice that I forgot to breath a few time and then I just give up and laying on the floor because I'm too tired.
It's called fitness son, and you need it

It's always easier playing guitar sitting down, it's why even the best of the best have foot stands when playing complicated passages live. It's to increase their reach and ease of play.
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Yea it's harder to play standing up.. With enough practice it will feel just as easy.. You may need to buy a better strap.. Get on wider and with more cushion.. You may need to shorten your strap to make it easier.. I always practice standing up.. Eventually you get used to it and will probably prefer to be standing
TBH, I couldn't sleep for a night last night. The guitar is pretty heavy. My shoulder was hurt and my left arm become sore over a night. If you want to know how I look like, You can take a look on Slash. I want to improve this because it's a different experience and I lose all my muscle memory when trying to play guitar while standing.
Slash has a really unhealthy strap position. It looks not as cool to wear straps on top, but it helps a lot with comfort.

Heavy guitar, get a nice strap.
^ I'm not sure that wearing a low strap is the most unhealthy thing slash has done in his life...
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Yeah you can raise your strap to where its easy to play. And for a neck ache, try not to look at your hand. Or bend your neck down focusing on your playing. Its more natural to stare at your hands when sitting. While standing it can cause neck and back strain.
You will get used to it. I had similar problems when i started (altough i guess i didnt just colapse...), and i still do sometimes when i play standing up for a long time, especially if im teaching my band songs and have to look down at the guitar all the time. Just get a wider strap, and dont hang your guitar down at your knees, and you will be fine.
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You want to adjust your strap so that your guitar is in a similar position whether you are standing up or sitting down. That way playing standing up and sitting down feels the same. Well, of course if your guitar is heavy, it may still hurt your neck, but a wider strap will help.

So, buy a wide strap and adjust the height.


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Quote by sosxradar
Or maybe it's the first time of me playing guitar while standing? My neck really hurt and I play like a newbie because It's just different from sitting. I also notice that I forgot to breath a few time and then I just give up and laying on the floor because I'm too tired.
Neck pain may be down to looking at your fretboard, ie hanging your head forward and maybe to one side a little - puts a lot of strain on your neck if you're like that for too long. Stand up straight and look straight ahead. You will need to check your position sometimes, but not all the time.

Forgetting to breathe - well obviously that's not a good idea!

A low strap position needn't be a problem - it's generally worse for your fret arm wrist than for your neck. Check how Slash actually moves around, and when he plays something fancy he tends to raise the neck so his hand is in a better position. (He often plays with the neck near vertical, which is not just shownmanship: it puts his left hand in a perfect position for fast lead playing. But, like him, you may need to balance it on your thigh when you do that, so you're not supporting the weight with your fret hand. Which reminds me: don't hold the neck up with your fret hand! Your guitar should hang in the right position without being supported by either hand, but certainly not by the left.)

Find a balanced position when standing with the guitar, and remember its weight is pulling you forward. It's also uneven laterally, with most of the weight on your left shoulder (assuming you're RH). It can make you instinctively raise that shoulder, especially if your strap is long - that's also going to give you neck and upper back problems. A wider strap can help, if you feel your current one cuts into your shoulder too much

In general, just try to relax and move around a bit more (and move the guitar around too). Take frequent breaks. Staying in any one position for a long time is bad - it can build tension and you won't be aware of it until you get the pain.

BTW - yes certain drugs can help with stamina, allowing you to play for longer (the Beatles played all-nighters in Hamburg on amphetamines). But you'll pay for it later. Not to be recommended. Unless maybe you're being forced to play all-night gigs in shady strip joints.... I assume that's not your current problem.

BTW (2): Congratulations for playing till you drop! That's a sign of real enthusiasm. But just pay attention to your body, and never "play through" pain. Play until it hurts - then stop, take a rest. If you want to play longer - sit down...
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Yes I too get mentally drained after a session of playing guitar, mostly when improvising. I don't know why that is. I chalk it down to the power of sound over our consciousness.
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It must be that you were not used to playing standing up; it might seem like it's the same but it's not. I think it's best to play standing up about 60% of your weekly practice time.
Right now that you're starting to get used to it you should do it little by little until you can do it for a longer time without feeling like it's killing you.
I started learning guitar standing up most of the time and I continued like that for the first couple years. After that I started constantly moving from one city to another and with smaller apartments I relied on effect processors and headphones, practicing just sitting down. A while later I started playing standing up again and it was definitely not like I used to play. It didn't give me back pains or anything but it was just not as easy as it was during my first years with the guitar, it felt all different, and it's because the distance at which you play the guitar is different as well as the perspective and the position of the guitar around your body, it took me a few months to get used to it again.
Don't give up. If you see no progress, try getting a different strap, or if the guitar is too heavy you should consider changing it.
More practice is the solution of your problem.
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how the f hard were you staring at the fretboard haha?! Also, quick advice...when playing sitting down, get a high stool so its closer to standing up. You'll never play your best truly sitting down anyways if youre cramped.
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Yes I too get mentally drained after a session of playing guitar, mostly when improvising. I don't know why that is. I chalk it down to the power of sound over our consciousness.

I feel this way too and I improvise/write a good chunk of time
I always need a 2 hour nap after playing.
I think it is mentally exhausting always asked myself why I felt so tired. I can only relate this to playing since I used to work a lot more and didn't take so many naps ahah
curious to know if this happens to more of you